About Maxton

Maxton industrial co,. ltd located in China, is specialized in Drying, Briquetting and allied Systems. With more than 20 years’ experience along with the strong technical team in these areas, Maxton supplies its customers with better and reliable drying solutions to their individual drying requirements as a return on their investment.

Maxton’s project management ensures smooth design, manufacturing and assembly to final commissioning. Maxton always welcomes its clients into the project management process so that he/she can be always aware of the current status of his/her dry solution project.

Maxton’s customer project staff are available and responsible to receive any advice and ready to support the customer in a quick time. Years of experience in the drying, as well as active and well-trained staff, ensure the design and manufacturing are closed interlinked.

Maxton’s main goal is to be as the leader in the field of drying and briquetting technology and to offer superior products and systems.

Two core businesses of Maxton

Drying Systems
Briquetting Systems

Installation and Commissioning

Maxton provides comprehensive support in installation and construction, commissioning, on-site inspection, repair, preventive maintenance and spare parts services to ensure operational reliability, equipment performance and customer satisfaction.

The drying system will be fully installed by qualified staff at Maxton. At the initial commissioning, Maxton’s service engineers will fine-tune the dehumidification system to meet specific product and process requirements. Maxton’s services also include training for operators and engineers.

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